About Us

Sebastien surrounded by a large team of 5 expert specialized in different area of the cannabis industry (quality control, cultivation, breeding, industrial CBD hemp, and extraction).

During our project development with our team, we worked on hemp research culivation project in Japan with the Hokaido HIHA (Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association) to help them assess native Japanese hemp varieties,  CLICK HERE see the full report CLICK HERE

As Canada legalize medical cannabis and large scale operation start up, our team gave its expertise to help create greenhouse design and cultivation schedule for the licence producer Emblem Cannabis who now supply Medical and Recreational for Canada and Germany CLICK HERE

Additionally when Jamaica legalize the use of medical and sacramental cannabis. AlphaCat industry and his team have supported the development of the NGO, Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmer Association as well as the Rastafari Rootzfest




Today as Europe start to open itself for the development of an EU medical cannabis market with 21 member states, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, … We are always on the forth front of this growing industry

Over the years we have gain a long experience working on the development of license and growing operation. Sebastien Beguerie our lead project manager has a Master in Plant Science specialize in Cannabis physiology and production. During his researches he has work with pioneering Italian national agricultural institute at the Council Research of Agriculture (CRA) in Rovigo with Prof Gianpaolo Grassi.


Then for his master study he worked as junior researcher at Bedrocan B.V to look into the improvement of yield using natural Plant Growth Regulators (PGR).


Sebastien has created the AlphaCAT test kit, a special approach to potency testing and quality control for the rapidly expanding medical and recreational cannabis industry. Our company continually strives to set the standard for the scientific support of the plant! The Alpha-CAT cannabis test is in full compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO/PHARM/92.559). It is an analytic method called Thin Layer chromatography (TLC), which is recognized and recommended by the UNODC for the identification and analysis of cannabis and cannabis products. CLICK HERE

Our Team

Along the year, AlphaCat Industry has gathered a team of expert with great specialized in difference field, which are complementary to create a state of the art facility for cannabis production and its derivate. We are expert in :

  • Greenhouse technologies and cultivation method

  • Hemp production in open field for CBD flower from seed to sale

  • Breeding research program

  • Analytical lab analysis method

  • Extraction equipment and production protocol

  • Security management protocol

  • Quality control management for Good Agricultural Practice and Collection (GAPC)

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Our quality control specialist

He is a referenced management officer with +7 years experience working in quality control, standards registration in pharmaceutical industry.

Our cultivation greenhouse/indoor specialist

He is a cannabis entrpreneur with +5 years experience in automnised horticulture system with innovative growing technics. He is the Founder of HorticoLED, Paris, France.

Our CBD hemp outdoor specialist

He has more than 5 years experience in outdoor hemp cultivation with the management of large-scale farm for crop management to post harvest of hemp biomass flower for industrialization of CBD production.

Our extraction specialist

He is an entrepreneur with +10 years experiences and +5 years in purification, extraction and analytical techniques of organic compound. Co-founder of Sound CO2 and Helderpad in Seattle, WA, USA

Our research specialist

He is holding a PhD with 10 years experience in statistical genetics, R programming, evaluation of genetic resources, and their genetic diversity, skilled at sequencing, genotyping and their use for phenotypic trait dissection. Currently working in Cornel University, NY, USA


This is a simple headline

A) Greenhouse standardization

  • Greenhouse standardized production facility with full climate control for yearly growing cycle with the creation of standardized protocol and proper staff training. 

  • Optimization to achieve best agriculture practice to be able to conduct a standardized production with high yield and premium quality final product. 

B) Testing laboratory facility

  • Testing laboratory facility with onsite samples collection and real time testing at grower location with on going seminar for quality control awareness.


  • Cannabis cup testing support for local and professional farmers

C) Research Facility Research Facility

  • Research Facility on Cannabis chemovar collection for conservation, propagation and breeding to supply future licenced growing operation worldwide. 

  • Develop research program in horticulture and genetic in collaboration with national university. 

D) Product development

  • Product development from phyto-cannabinoids produce in Jamaica blending cannabis industry know how 

  • Formulation development of phyto-cannabinoids derivate for brand label

Step by Step offer

We offer our strategic development service for A, B, C, D through the 6 steps:

1. Schematic Design

The Schematic design set offered by Alphacat industry consulting offers importance at various parts of the project. It is an instrument for describing our designs to our clients, architects, and engineers. It helps all professionals involved understand the aspects of the facility that go beyond their normal expertise. Each drawing in the set serves a distinct purpose. Alphacat recommends all these drawing are initiated at the beginning of the project to gain a holistic understanding of the facility and more accurately estimate costs and timeline projection.

• Floor Plan
• Propagation method
• Cultivation workflow
• Surveillance
• Access control
• Intrusion detection
• Secure storage locations
• Propagation electrical and lighting
• Irrigation layout
• Environmental control

2. Quality Assurance

The Alphacat protocols and procedures tackle categories such sanitation, storage, and labeling. Quality Assurance protocols included:

• Integrated pest/ pathogen management,
• Laboratory testing,
• Training
• Production

3. Security

AlphaCat security protocols and procedures are written by accordance to local needs based upon our experience, exclusively for clients, and based on many local factors.

4. Standard Operating Procedure

Alphacat expert consultants have produced a variety of documents to be used once licensed and operating. The SOPs have been written to help an organization run a world-class facility. The standards operating procedures range in topic from security to horticulture to human resources to sanitation.

5. Good production/Manufacturing practise

Alphacat has amassed industrial cannabis production protocols and procedures from around the world, in legal production facilities. These industrial cannabis protocols and procedures focus on environmental sustainability and production efficiencies.

• Cultivation
• Customized protocol
• Production

6. Record Keeping

Alphacat has developed a comprehensive table tracking record keeping that can track cannabis plants and cultivation operation from seed to sale. Many of the features available are based upon the already legal operating markets

• Training
• Inventory
• Crop management
• Compliance traceability